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About the Athletes Congress 

The Athletes Congress is a chartered Olympic Weightlifting Club of USA Weightlifting. We are located in the Pacific Weightlifting Association in California, which reaches from Fresno in the south, to the Reno area in the East, and North to Oregon.

What is a Weightlifting Club?

An Olympic Weightlifting club is a group of Olympic Weightlifters and others interested in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Members may be Olympic Weightlifters, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, fans, and athletes who compete in other sports.
Frequently clubs sponsor athletes, put on Weightlifting meets sanctioned by the National Governing Body, and sponsor other activities of interest to the Weightlifting community.
The international governing body of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting is the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation).
In the U.S., the governing body sanctioned by the IWF is USA Weightlifting.
USA Weightlifting governs through Local Weightlifting Associations throughtout the U.S.
Each registered Olympic Weightlifter in the U.S. is a member of USA Weightlifting and a Local Weightlifting Association in his or her home area.
Each Local Weightlifting Association may have one or more Clubs chartered by USA Weightlifting.
The only way to become a member of the US Olympic Team in Weightlifting is to compete and qualify in contests, or meets, sanctioned by USA Weightlifting.

What is Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic Weightlifting is the supreme competition of strength, agility, and athleticism. Olympic Weightlifters are the strongest athletes on the planet. Both men and women compete, and beginning in 2000 women competed at the Olympic level for the first time.

Olympic Weightlifting is a competition in two types of lifts; the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. Each lifter must compete in both lifts. The winner of a competition is determined by the total weight of his or her best snatch, and best clean & jerk in the competition. Competitors compete in body-weight classes similar in concept to wrestlers and boxers.

Competitions take place on various levels. Generally, in order to compete on the next level, you must qualify to do so at an officially sanctioned meet.
For example, in order to compete in a State Championship, you will have had to qualify to compete by lifting a certain amount in a sanctioned local contest.
In addition to the Olympics, which take place every four years, there are World Championships every non-Olympic year, various international competitions on a yearly basis, such as the Panonia Cup, Kanata Cup, Blue Sword tournament, and others. The United States hold National Championships yearly in the springtime.

Who can compete?

There are competitions to suit many levels of competitor. There are the Junior Olympic competitions and Masters Competitions, which are age-graded. There are National level competitions at the collegiate level, and the American Open, and open National level competition. There is a level of competition for every athlete wishing to compete. No one is left out.



What can we do for you?

If you are currently involved in Olympic Weightlifting, or if you would like to be, the Athletes Congress can help you. The Athletes Congress provides:

  Coaching for any level of athlete. We can get you started from ground zero, training you in person in the exercises and movements required for the Olympic lifts. For the intermediate lifter, we provide movement into the advanced category of lifting by working your weak points, and emphasizing the strengths. For the elite lifter, we have coaches experienced in all levels of competition to fully develop your potential. We will be there at the competitions with you, guiding your success.

 News and Information. We publish a newsletter full of International, National, and local news and items of interest. Don't be left out of the information loop.

 Representation. Members of the Athletes Congress are represented at local and national board meetings. We represent our lifters interests to the local Board of Directors, and the National Board of Governors, and the National Board of Directors.

 Camaraderie. When we lift together at a contest, we provide mutual support to each of our members. We train together and become strong together.

 Experienced lifters and certified coaches & officials. Members of the Athletes Congress are men and women deeply involved in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. We know the rules, and the routes to success. Our coaches and officials are certified by United States Weightlifting.

 All the above is free. No cost coaching, guidance, information and more. The only cost is your membership in USA Weightlifting, which is required of every competitor regardless of club affiliation. We do this to make America a Stronger Place, and a better place for Weightlifting!

The Athletes Congress is a club:

By the Athletes

Of the Athletes

For the Athletes



Email: The Athletes Congress

P.O. Box 36110

San Jose, Ca